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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 Exotic Angel PlantsHome DecorHouseplants

Perfect Plants for Bathrooms

Just imagine getting up every morning and stepping into your personal Eden.

It’s easy when you fill your bathroom with indoor plants that sport colorful foliage and romantic flowers.

Bathrooms are an ideal place to grow plants, especially since most varieties will flourish in the humid air provided by your daily shower.

Remember, though, that bathrooms, like other rooms in your home, vary in the amount of light they can provide to keep plants happy. Here’s a list of good options for dark, bright, and sunny situations.

Plants for darker bathrooms
Even shade-loving houseplants need some light now and again so if your bathroom is totally dark for much of the day, you might want to rotate plants in and out every few days. That way, you can enjoy them in the bath, but the plants won’t suffer long term damage. Some good options for rotation include orchid, bromeliad, snake plant, Chinese evergreen, Rex begonia, selaginella moss, ferns, calathea, philodendron, monstera, and pothos.

Plants for bright bathrooms
If your bathroom has an east or west facing window, you can add plants that thrive in bright, indirect light. These include dracaena, nerve plant, lucky bamboo, ficus, money tree, Madagascar dragon tree, palms, Devil’s backbone, hoya, and zebra plant. Just be sure to keep them away from the direct rays of the sun.

Plants for sunny bathrooms
Some plants prefer living in full sun. If your bathroom gets a lot of direct sunlight, try any of these easy-care beauties: sago palm, succulents, croton, ti plant, aloe vera, cactus, ponytail palm, and Norfolk Island pine. And, if you have enough sun, you could even try blooming tropicals such as hibiscus and mandevilla or even annuals such as geranium or wax begonia.

Written by:
Doug Jimerson

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