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Bromeliad Plant Features

Bromeliads are bold, stylish houseplants that work especially well in contemporary, modern, and tropical decor styles. Bromeliads have colorful, long-lasting blooms (which last for weeks) that contrast beautifully against the strappy green leaves. You'll typically see them flower in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow.

In addition to their exotic look, bromeliads also improve indoor air quality, helping clear air of indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde (which can be released by paint, gas-burning appliances, and clothing that has been dry cleaned). 

Note: After the main flower on your bromeliad begins to fade, the mother plant will begin to decline. But you'll see baby bromeliads (called pups) developing around the base. Grow these out and enjoy more bromeliads!

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Bromeliad Growing Instructions

Indoors, most bromeliads grow best in medium or bright light. Some can take direct sun on their foliage, but others prefer the protection of a sheer curtain or translucent blinds if grown in a sunny window.

Water most bromeliads enough to keep them moist, but never wet or saturated. You'll find many bromeliads are drought tolerant and survive if you forget to water them from time to time. 

Outdoors, bromeliad care depends on the type; some can handle full sun and others prefer shade. 

Note: Bromeliads are not intended for human or animal consumption. 

  • Light

    Indoors: High light
    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors

    Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Variegated, White, Yellow

  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Colorful foliage
    Purifies the air
    Super-easy to grow

Varieties: Our Favorites

Guzmania spp. Guzmania Bromeliad

Guzmania spp.

Guzmania is one of the most common bromeliads grown as a houseplant, and one of the most stunning. Its green leaves are topped by clusters of red, orange, yellow, purple, or white flowers.

Neoregelia spp. Neoregelia Bromeliad

Neoregelia spp.

Neoregelia bromeliads are grown more for their foliage than their flowers. Many feature new growth that comes out in bold tones of pink, red, purple, or orange.

Ananas comosus Pineapple

Ananas comosus

Ornamental pineapples are fun bromeliads that have spidery leaves and miniature pineapples that develop on top of the flower spike after the flowers fade.

Tillandsia cyanea Pink Quill

Tillandsia cyanea

Pink quill is an eye-catching variety that has grassy, dark green leaves topped by a colorful hot pink structure that shows off cute, blue-purple flowers.

Aechmea fasciata Urn Bromeliad

Aechmea fasciata

Urn bromeliad is an especially stunning variety that has silvery-green leaves topped by a pink flower cluster that shows off individual blue-purple flowers.

Guzmania spp. Variegated Guzmania Bromeliad

Guzmania spp.

Variegated guzmania bromeliads are just as easy to grow as their plain-leafed cousins, but they have the additional excitement of white, cream, or yellow stripes running up their leaves.

Neoregelia spp. Variegated Neoregelia Bromeliads

Neoregelia spp.

Variegated neoregelia bromeliads feature colorful new growth, as well as stripes, speckles, or splashes along their leaves.

Vriesea spp. Vriesea Bromeliad

Vriesea spp.

Vriesea bromeliads are exotic tropical houseplants that feature feather-like bloom structures. Many varieties have variegated foliage.