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Verbena spp.

Verbena Plant Features

Imagine a plant that blooms nonstop from early summer to fall and requires only a minimum of attention from you! Well that's what you'll get with verbena. This large family of tender perennials (treated as annuals throughout most of the country) show off finely cut foliage topped by spectacular clusters of purple, red, white, yellow, orange, or bi-colored blooms. The nectar-rich flowers are also prized by butterflies and hummingbirds. Depending on the variety, will grow 12 to 30 inches in either upright or trailing forms. Verbena is a sun-worshipper that excels in garden beds, window boxes, or hanging baskets. In warmer climates verbena can also be used as a colorful perennial landscape plant. Verbena is also deer resistant. Hardy from zones 7-10.

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Verbena Growing Instructions

Plant verbena in a sunny location with rich, well drained soil. If you are growing verbena in containers use a commercial potting soil mix. Verbena is drought tolerant, but blooms best if not forced to dry out. Water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. Be sure to remove the flower heads as they fade to promote additional bloom. Verbena is not frost tolerant so protect the plants if an unexpected late spring cold snap threatens.

Verbena is not recommended for human or animal consumption.

  • Light

    Outside: Part sun
    Outside: Sun

  • Colors

    Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Variegated, White, Yellow

  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies
    Attracts hummingbirds
    Deer/rabbit resistant

Complement your Verbena with these varieties:
The upright flower stalks of Angelonia work perfectly with the trailing habit of Verbena.

Geranium, Annual
Plant some Geranium in the center of a large tub or planter and then plant Verbena around the edge for a gorgeous combo.

Calibrachoa and Verbena are a showy pair especially in window boxes or hanging baskets.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Verbena 'Aztec Coral' Aztec Coral

Verbena 'Aztec Coral'

Aztec Coral is an annual verbena with soft, coral-pink flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It grows 8 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Verbena 'Aztec Red Velvet' Aztec Red Velvet

Verbena 'Aztec Red Velvet'

Add color to containers and garden beds and borders with Aztec Red Velvet verbena. As its name suggests, it shows off rich, dark red flower clusters all season long. Aztec Red Velvet grows 10 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Verbena 'Aztec Violet' Aztec Violet

Verbena 'Aztec Violet'

Aztec Violet shows off big clusters of rich purple flowers from spring all the way to fall. It also offers excellent disease resistance. It grows 10 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Verbena 'Aztec Wild Rose' Aztec Wild Rose

Verbena 'Aztec Wild Rose'

This easy-care flower shows off clusters of coral-pink flowers all the way through frost in fall. Aztec Wild Rose also features excellent disease resistance. It grows 10 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Verbena 'EnduraScape Magenta' EnduraScape Magenta

Verbena 'EnduraScape Magenta'

A top perennial in our South Carolina Trial Garden, EnduraScape Magenta offered up a lot of magenta-pink flowers nonstop through the summer. It grows 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. EnduraScape Magenta is an annual outside Zones 7-10.

Verbena 'EnduraScape Pink Bicolor' EnduraScape Pink Bicolor

Verbena 'EnduraScape Pink Bicolor'

One of the best-performing perennial verbenas in our South Carolina Trial Garden, EnduraScape Pink Bicolor offers an outstanding number of flowers and tidy habit. It grows 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Zones 7-10 as a perennial, but everywhere as an annual.

Verbena 'EnduraScape Red' EnduraScape Red

Verbena 'EnduraScape Red'

A perennial in southern areas, EnduraScape Red shows off red flowers all season. It's an easy-to-grow groundcover for sunny spots and grows 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide. Zones 7-10 as a perennial.

Verbena 'EnduraScape White Blush' EnduraScape White Blush

Verbena 'EnduraScape White Blush'

This lovely variety is grown as a perennial in the South and an annual in the North! No matter where you grow it, you'll love its pink-tinged white flowers and easy-to-grow nature. It grows 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide. Zones 7-10 as a perennial.

Verbena 'Homestead Purple' Homestead Purple

Verbena 'Homestead Purple'

A summer-blooming flower, 'Homestead Purple' verbena grows 10 inches tall and up to 24 inches wide. It flowers from late spring to early autumn. Zones 6-10

Verbena 'Hurricane Blue' Hurricane Blue

Verbena 'Hurricane Blue'

A fun bicolor variety that adds interest and dimension to container gardens and hanging baskets, Hurricane Blue verbena grows 8 inches tall and spreads/trails to 18 inches.

Verbena 'Lanai Red Star' Lanai Red Star

Verbena 'Lanai Red Star'

A top performer in our Miami Trial Garden, Lanai Red Star verbena offers fabulously colored blooms that are red with pink stripes. It grows 10 inches tall and spreads/trails to 18 inches, making it ideal for garden beds, borders, containers, and hanging baskets.

Verbena 'Lanai Upright Rose' Lanai Upright Rose

Verbena 'Lanai Upright Rose'

Most verbena varieties are low, spreading plants. This variety stands apart because it forms a bushy mound that grows about 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Lanai Upright Rose shows off lovely rose-pink flowers all summer.

Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop' Lollipop

Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

There are few plants better for attracting butterflies than this compact variety! It shows off lavender-purple flowers all summer and autumn. It grows just 30 inches tall and wide. Zones 7-10 -- but it can be grown as an annual in colder Zones.

Verbena bonariensis 'Meteor Shower' Meteor Shower

Verbena bonariensis 'Meteor Shower'

A top performer in our Trial Garden, it shows off tons of clusters of airy lavender-purple flowers that are butterfly magnets. It grows 14 inches tall and wide.

Verbena 'Tuscany Pink Picotee' Tuscany Pink Picotee

Verbena 'Tuscany Pink Picotee'

Tuscany Pink Picotee verbena is a floriferous selection that offers lots of soft pink flowers all summer long. It grows 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Verbena 'Tuscany White' Tuscany White

Verbena 'Tuscany White'

Easy and elegant, Tuscany White verbena offers gorgeous white flowers on a plant that grows 8 inches tall and spreads or trails 18 inches across.

Verbena 'Wicked Blue' Wicked Blue

Verbena 'Wicked Blue'

Wicked Blue is a fun variety that shows off blue-and-white flowers on a plant that grows about 10 inches tall and 24 inches across.