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Salvia, Annual

Salvia spp.

Salvia, Annual Plant Features

In almost constant bloom, annual salvia will add tons of color to your summer border or containers. Growing 12 to 24 inches tall, annual salvia is prized for its rich blue, red, or white flowers that form on stately stalks that are easy to cut for fresh bouquets. Butterflies and hummingbirds also enjoy annual salvia's nectar-rich blooms. Considered a tender perennial, annual salvia will often overwinter in warmer parts of the country. Annual salvia is deer resistant. Hardy from zones 8-10.

Annual Salvia Questions?
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Salvia, Annual Growing Instructions

Plant annual salvia in a location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day. These easy-care flowers aren't too fussy about soil type, but prefer a rich, well drained location. They also look terrific in containers. 

Annual salvia is not recommended for human or animal consumption.

  • Light

    Outside: Sun

  • Colors

    Blue, Purple, Red, White

  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies
    Attracts hummingbirds
    Deer/rabbit resistant
    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Salvia, Annual with these varieties:
The bright yellow flowers of Marigold provide excellent contrast to the intensely colored blooms of Annual Salvia.

Place Annual Salvia behind a bed of Petunia and watch the magic happen.

Geranium, Annual
Geranium, particularly red varieties, are an eye-popping companion for Annual Salvia.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Salvia splendens 'Grandstand Blue Bicolor' Grandstand Blue Bicolor

Salvia splendens 'Grandstand Blue Bicolor'

An excellent performer in our Florida Trial Garden, Grandstand Blue Bicolor held up well to weather and showed off tons of spikes of soft lavender-blue-and-white flowers. It grows 3 feet tall and wide.

Salvia splendens 'Grandstand Red' Grandstand Red

Salvia splendens 'Grandstand Red'

Grandstand Red salvia was a standout in our Trial Garden, showing off intensely colored blooms nonstop. It grows 36 inches tall and wide.

Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue' Mystic Spires

Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue'

Mystic Spires is an especially reliable variety that resists deer, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, and tolerates drought. It grows 48 inches tall and 30 inches wide. It can behave as a perennial in Zones 7-9

Salvia farinacea 'Sallyfun Deep Ocean' Sallyfun Deep Ocean

Salvia farinacea 'Sallyfun Deep Ocean'

A top performer in our Trial Gardens, Sallyfun Deep Ocean shows off rich, violet-blue flowers beloved by butterflies all summer long. It grows 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Salvia splendens ‘Salsa Purple’ Salsa Purple

Salvia splendens ‘Salsa Purple’

Dark burgundy-purple flower spikes make this long-flowering salvia a beauty in the garden or containers. It grows in full sun or part shade and reaches 3 feet tall. Pinch it back to keep it compact.

Salvia splendens 'Saucy Red' Saucy Red

Salvia splendens 'Saucy Red'

Saucy Red shows off spikes of intensely colored blooms all summer long. It grows 3 feet tall and is perfect for beds, borders, and container gardens.

Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Lavender' Summer Jewel Lavender

Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Lavender'

Winner of an All-America Selections award, this no-fail, no-fuss variety shows off spikes of lavender-purple flowers from spring to fall. It's perfect for butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Summer Jewel Lavender grows 18 inches tall and wide.

Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Red' Summer Jewel Red

Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Red'

An All-America Selections award-winning variety, Summer Jewel Red salvia was a top performer in our Miami Trial Garden. It bloomed nonstop, showing off a steady supply of eye-catching red blooms that hummingbirds and butterflies just adore. It grows 18 inches tall and wide. Though it's an annual, it may reseed and reappear in your yard every year.

Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Red' Summer Jewel White

Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Red'

Award-winning Summer Jewel White salvia is an easy-care, long-blooming selection that shows off pure white flowers loved by bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It grows 18 inches tall and wide.