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Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis spp.

Mistletoe Cactus Plant Features

An interesting cactus houseplant, mistletoe cactus is a modern indoor plant that has a unique form thanks to its trailing shape. A lush, full-grown plant looks like a living Cousin It --- making it a fun addition to your indoor decor as well as a conversation piece. 

Because mistletoe cactus has trailing stems, you usually see this houseplant sold in hanging baskets. They're a great way to enliven a window.

Mistletoe Cactus Questions?
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Mistletoe Cactus Growing Instructions

Grow mistletoe cactus in low to medium light. It can take a little direct sun indoors, especially in Northern climates, but doesn't need bright sun to thrive. This indoor plant thrives under artificial lighting, too. Our mistletoe cactus don't want any direct sun if grown outdoors.

Unlike most cacti, mistletoe cactus comes from tropical rainforests rather than the desert. It typically grows on trees rather than in soil. Because of that, it's best to treat your mistletoe cactus a bit like an orchid and allow the potting mix to dry a bit before watering again. Take care not to overwater mistletoe cactus. 

This modern indoor plant also prefers average to high humidity, so it's an excellent choice for growing in well-lit kitchens and bathrooms.

If you want to fertilize your mistletoe cactus, do so in spring and summer using a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. 

Note: Mistletoe cactus is not recommended for human or animal consumption. 

  • Light

    Indoors: Low light
    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors


  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Purifies the air

Complement your Mistletoe Cactus with these varieties:
Mistletoe cactus is an ideal partner for growing with variegated baby jade.

Dog Tail Cactus
Contrast dog tail cactus' texture with the soft look of mistletoe cactus.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Rhipsalis teres prismatica 'Brazilie' Brazilie Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis teres prismatica 'Brazilie'

Brazilie is a fun mistletoe cactus that has fine-textured narrow stems.

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Rhipsalis burchellii Burches Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis burchellii

An easy-growing plant for hanging baskets, this variety has cascading branches, white flowers, and pink fruits.

Exotic Angel® Plants
Rhipsalis capilliformis Capilliformis Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis capilliformis

Also sometimes called old-man's beard, this cactus shows off small, trailing stems.

Exotic Angel® Plants
Rhipsalis salicornioides Drunkard's Dream Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis salicornioides

Though we're not sure how Drunkard's Dream mistletoe cactus earned its name, we appreciate its interesting, twisting stems.

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Rhipsalis elliptica Elliptica Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis elliptica

Elliptica is a fun tropical cactus with flattened stems, making it look a bit like a Christmas cactus.

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Rhipsalis ewaldiana Ewaldiana Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis ewaldiana

This small-textured cactus has fine stems that often have bronze- or orange-flushed new growth.

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Rhipsalis micrantha Micrantha Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis micrantha

Micrantha has flattened, fleshy stems that bring an exotic texture to indoor decor.

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Rhipsalis pilocarpa Pilose Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis pilocarpa

Pilose mistletoe cactus has stems that bear soft white hairs and tiny white flowers.

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Rhipsalis teres prismatica Prismatica Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis teres prismatica

This stunning variety shows off interesting narrow stems, giving it a delightful texture.

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