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Top Plants for College Students

These 12 low-maintenance plants are perfect for every college living space.

Ponytail Palm

Add a striking element to your room with dramatic ponytail palm. Low-maintenance and stunning, ponytail palm features bright, pom-pom-style foliage that looks lively all year.

Ponytail Palm Care
Place your ponytail palm in a bright spot, such as a windowsill or sunny desk. Because ponytail palm has low moisture needs, you only need to water it once the soil has dried—that may be once every seven to 10 days.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Ponytail palm has a unique appearance, which makes a bold statement and sets your dorm apart from the typical college space.

Did You Know
Excess carbon dioxide in your home can contribute to headaches and drowsiness. Keep a ponytail palm, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, in your room to help eliminate these ailments.

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Money Tree

Money tree is a fantastic choice for daring dorm décor. Money trees are often grown and braided together for a more interesting appearance, and resemble tropical bonsai.  

Money Tree Care
Money tree grows best in medium to bright indoor light and evenly moist soil.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
While it doesn’t actually grow cash, money tree gives a classy, sophisticated air to your dorm or apartment.

Did You Know
A Dutch research study revealed hospital patients that had plants in their rooms experienced less stress and healed faster than those without. Keep your money tree around for finals time!

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Cacti and Succulents

Create your own desert escape on your desk or windowsill with cacti and succulents. These dryland plants are super easy to care for and come in an array of amazing textures and colors. Don’t worry; not all cacti are big and spiky.

Cacti and Succulent Care
Cacti and succulents love bright light; keep them near a sunny window or right under a desk light. Allow the soil to dry almost completely before you water them.

Why They're the Perfect Pick
With their trendy appearance and low water needs, cacti and succulents are terrific picks for busy and stylish students.

Did You Know
A study completed by the Royal College of Agriculture in England found that student attentiveness increased by 70 percent in lecture halls that had plants. Keep a cacti and succulent dish garden on your desk to help you focus.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a popular houseplant that features straight, shaped, or woven bamboo-like stems and lush, bright green foliage. With its preference for low light and ability to filter harmful indoor chemicals from the air, this plant really is lucky!

Lucky Bamboo Care
Grow lucky bamboo in low to medium light. Keep it out of direct sun, which can cause the leaves to sunburn. Lucky bamboo likes to be moist, so water it every few days or grow it in a water-filled pot or vase.  

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Lucky bamboo is resilient and versatile, able to blend seamlessly with any style (particularly the Zen look). Coordinate your décor by using marbles or colored pebbles in your lucky bamboo’s pot.

Did You Know
Studies by the American Horticultural Therapy Association show that students who have plants such as lucky bamboo in their rooms concentrate better than those without. Keep a lucky bamboo where you study: You may get better grades.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a no-fuss succulent that features long, narrow leaves edged in small, soft teeth. Aloe can live for a long time in a variety of conditions with minimal care.

Aloe Vera Care
Aloe loves bright light, so keep it near a window. Do not allow it to sit in standing water, but make sure the soil doesn’t dry completely either.  

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Along with its exotic appearance, old wives tales say that aloe’s gooey insides can soothe and heal minor burns and cuts.

Did You Know
According to studies from the American Horticultural Therapy Association, having plants such as aloe around your home promotes a sense of optimism and well-being.

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Peace Lily

Peace lily is a popular houseplant that features dark green leaves and large white blooms, making it one of the prettiest houseplants you can grow. This easy-care plant has a resilient nature and natural ability to purify indoor air.

Peace Lily Care
Grow your peace lily in medium to bright light (the more light it gets, the more it blooms) and keep the soil evenly moist.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Peace lily works hard to keep the air clean and fresh; it also adds a charming element to your décor.

Did You Know
Research by the American Horticultural Therapy Association concludes that keeping a plant in your room such as peace lily can improve your memory.

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Anthurium’s bright blooms and shiny, deep green leaves bring color and life to cramped rooms.  This pretty plant is easy to care for and tolerates a variety of living situations.

Anthurium Care
Grow anthurium in bright indoor light for best results. Don’t let the soil dry completely, but don’t drench it either.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
With its colorful, heart-shaped blooms, anthurium makes any room feel cozy and homey. As long as it receives enough light, anthurium will bloom all year.

Did You Know
Keeping a plant such as anthurium where you live and study improves mood and promotes increased goal achievement, according to studies by the American Horticultural Therapy association.

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Ferns are classic houseplants that feature fine-textured fronds that add a graceful, elegant look to indoor spaces. Versatile and attractive, ferns work well with any decorating style and make terrific living accessories.

Fern Care
Keep your ferns in a medium-bright spot and don’t let the soil dry out. Ferns love humidity, so group them together with other houseplants.

Why They're the Perfect Pick
Ferns are some of the best natural humidifiers out there, and their fresh green color brightens any small space. 

Did You Know
A study done by the Agricultural University of Norway found that having indoor plants such as ferns around reduced incidences of dry skin and respiratory problems.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is one of the toughest plants you can grow: Its stems can hold water for weeks and it tolerates almost any lighting situation. Plus, it looks good, too.

ZZ Plant Care
Grow ZZ plant in bright, medium, or low light, and allow the soil to dry between waterings. Too much water is about the only way to kill this indoor plant.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
ZZ plant is part of the Plants of Steel collection of practically indestructible houseplants. It’s an attractive, masculine alternative to more traditional houseplants.  

Did You Know
ZZ plant releases oxygen into the air, which can improve your sleep quality. Keep ZZ plant near your bed to recover from an all-night study session.

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Snake Plant

Snake plant (also called Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue), is a sturdy and rugged indoor houseplant. Its vertical, striped foliage adds height to small rooms and sports a trendy, modern look.

Snake Plant Care
Snake plant is easy to grow; it likes high, medium, and low light, making it the perfect choice for practically everyone. Water snake plant sparingly about once a week.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Because of its tolerance for low light and dry soil, snake plant is an excellent choice for busy college students who can’t devote the time to maintaining a plant.

Did You Know
Studies by the American Horticultural Therapy Association have found that caring for a plant such as snake plant increases levels of self-esteem.

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Pothos is an attractive houseplant that features long stems and green, yellow, and white leaves on winding stems that can climb trellises or posts – or trail from hanging baskets. Often used in container gardens, pothos also looks great on its own indoors.

Pothos Care
Grow pothos on a table or desk in low to medium indoor light, and allow the soil to dry between waterings.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Pothos’ cascading foliage looks stunning grown over the side of a dresser or mini-fridge.

Did You Know
Research done by the American Horticultural Therapy Association found that keeping plants such as pothos in your dorm, apartment, or house promotes increased feelings of calm and relaxation.

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Sago Palm

Because of its tough-as-nails nature, sago palm is the perfect plant if you’re always on the go. It looks pretty cool, too, thanks to its plumes of dark green tropical foliage. Sago palm is an unusual and edgy pick for a dorm plant.

Sago Palm Care
Sago palm grows best in medium to bright spots. Allow the soil to dry between waterings.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Sago palm thrives under minimal care, and looks cool too. Sago palm is actually a prehistoric plant. If it’s survived since the time of the dinosaurs, it should survive your college career.

Did You Know
NASA research proves that having plants such as sago palms around your dorm, apartment, or home removes up to 87 percent of indoor pollutants.  
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