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Quality in Every Pot

Exotic Angel® houseplants are grown with passion and quality. Do you want to see how Exotic Angel® Plants get their wings? By Karen Weir-Jimerson

We Grow Quality in Every Pot

Exotic Angel® houseplants start life in Apopka, Florida, at our production facility. Here, plants are propagated, grown, and shipped to garden centers – just for you. Our dedication to quality in every step of plant propagation and shipment is why our houseplants look and perform the way they do. Want to see inside? Take a tour of our facility and see how we do things. You’ll discover that Exotic Angel has the largest selection of the coolest plants. See the magic unfold.

Family Business Quality

The Costa Farms family business purchased the Exotic Angel/Hermann Engelmann family business in 2014. The two companies had the same business goal: to grow the best quality and most interesting varieties of plants to satisfy the needs of passionate plant lovers. Superior plant genetics and time-tested production methods developed by Hermann Engelmann were transferred to the capable hands of the Costa Farms family. Now there’s nearly a half century of growing and plant production methodology in action with every plant grown.

Vive la Selection!

From the most popular species, such as philodendron and succulents, to relative newcomers, such as ZZ plant, Exotic Angel grows plants that houseplant fans want in their homes. We know you are plant collectors. So, we produce more than 200 varieties of houseplants. And we add to the collection each year. Because we are as excited about houseplants as you are.

Good Genetics: Our Mother Plants

Our cuttings come from our carefully nurtured Mother plants. Mother plants are exactly what they sound like—the mother of the plants that we grow for you. All Mother plants for Exotic Angel® Plants are sourced and grown at our facility. Because we know that superior genetics produce superior plants. By raising our own plants, we control all our own genetics. Yep, we are control freaks (in a good way). The electric chartreuse leaves in every single ‘Neon’ pothos don’t happen by accident.

The Right Cut: Cuttings

After we remove cuttings from the Mother plant, we store them in a cooler until we are ready to start in containers. Nearly all of the houseplants we grow are from our own cuttings. We propagate plants rather than grow them from seeds. Why? Because we know that we are getting the genetics we want. And we are growing the plants in a way that we know will make them more successful in house environments. Like your kitchen.

Great Soil Grows Great Plants

Superior potting soil is the key to healthy container plants. So we formulated our own custom mix of houseplant-loving ingredients: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, and nutrients. Plants grown in this healthy medium develop strong roots, stems, and leaves. Our seedlings get the best start in life, growing in nurturing soil.

Watering: The Right Way

Growing cuttings into beautiful plants takes the right amount of moisture -- at the right time in the plants’ growth cycle. Cuttings like moist soil, so pots get constant showers, helping to grow strong root systems. But when the plants are larger, the pots are watered at the soil level, so the leaves don’t have water marks or become prone to disease. Strategic watering at each step helps plants grow successfully.

Taking it Slow: We Grow with You in Mind

Our plants are already adapted to lower-light conditions, which match the conditions in your home. We white-wash our greenhouse roof glass to create lower light levels. The plants grow more slowly, which makes them ready for the lower-light levels of living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms in your home.

Growth Potential: Strong Root Systems

Our plants look great from top to bottom. That means that the robust, colorful leaves you see in the top of the pot are supported by healthy roots below the soil. Strong root systems make healthy, long-lasting plants.

Our Plant Laboratory: Obsessive Cleanliness

The interior of every green house is neat, clean, and orderly. Like obsessively so. The attention to cleanliness means plants are grown in a disease-free, squeaky-clean environment. That’s why our plants are happy and healthy.

Strength in Numbers: More Cuttings Per Pot

Exotic Angel® Plants are so lush, full, and beautiful because we pack in more cuttings per pot than most of our competitors. We know that there’s strength (and beauty!) in numbers. More cuttings make a bigger, more attractive plant.

Careful Shipping From Our Greenhouse

Exotic Angel® Plants are packed and shipped with care and precision, so they arrive in top form at your local garden centers, ready for life in your house.

Grown to Ensure Years of Success

Our plants and are engineered to keep growing successfully once they reach your home. The best genetics, super-rich soil, strong root systems, and indoor-light conditioning make Exotic Angel® Plants the best picks for your home and green lifestyle.