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Houseplants Make You Healthier

There are many scientifically proven benefits to having plants in your home or office. Learn about some of the ways plants really can improve your life. By Doug Jimerson and Karen Weir-Jimerson

Live Better with Houseplants

Plants are more than just pretty faces. Did you know indoor plants can remove toxins from the air in your home and actually help you concentrate better? And there are more benefits! Here’s a group of foliar super heroes ready to change your life.

Reduce Stress

Stay calm, carry on, buy a plant. People who keep flowering houseplants in their home feel happier, less stressed, and more relaxed, says an article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology about the super effects that our flowering friends bring to our home. As it turns out, flowering plants add positive energy, which reduces stress-related depression.

Plant Prescription: Decorate with easy-care, long-blooming anthuriums and orchids.

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Improve Indoor Air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found the air in your home may be more polluted than the air outdoors. Scrub clean your air with houseplants! Strategic plant placement in your home improves air quality -- the air that you and your family breathe every day.

Plant Prescription: Place a plant, such as a philodendron, near your kitchen window. Having at least one plant for every 100 square feet of your home provides maximum air-cleaning benefits. 

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Heal Faster

A flowering plant is the classic gift to bring someone in the hospital, and there’s some science behind it. According to a study led by the University of Exeter, the presence of plants in hospital recovery rooms helped patients heal faster.

Plant Prescription: Take two bromeliads and call us in the morning.

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Become More Empathetic

Want to be a more caring person? Get a plant! An article from the University of Texas indicates that people who spend time around plants are more likely to try and help others. People who care for their plants are more likely to care for their fellow human beings.

Plant Prescription: Open your heart with a houseplant you can fall in love with: ZZ plant.

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Enhance Learning

Help your kids get better grades. Cracking the books helps (of course!), but studies cited by the American Horticultural Therapy Association also indicates that there are there are cognitive benefits for being around plants. Keeping plants in a child’s bedroom or play area may help them focus and concentrate, thereby improving their learning capabilities. Enlist your child to help care for the plant, which also promotes learning responsibility.

Plant Prescription: Help your kid get to the top of the class with easy-care pothos.

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Create a Spa Like Experience

Have you ever noticed that spas use plants to create a calming and restful atmosphere? Add plants to your shower or bath area to amp up the restful ambience. Plus, the plants will love the humidity.

Plant Prescription: Add instant ahhhhh with an orchid!

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Concentrate Better

Adding houseplants to the home and workplace can increase your memory retention and concentration, according to a University of Michigan study. The placement of plants in work areas creates a positive environment and increases your ability to concentrate (up to 20 percent!) on your project or task.

Plant Prescription: Never lose your keys by growing easy-care red aglaonema.

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Group Therapy

If one plant is good for you, think of what a group of them will do! From cleaning the air in your home to creating a sense of wellbeing and productive thinking, foliar and flowering indoor plants are your best assets for living a beautiful and fulfilled life.

Plant Prescription: Make your life better with an easy-care trio of dracaena, peace lily, and snake plant.

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