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Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Orchids

Long-lasting and exotic, orchids are ideal gifts. Plus, they offer beautiful ways to add color and life to your home. Here are easy ways to dress up store-bought orchids.
By Doug Jimerson and Karen Weir-Jimerson

Straw Bag Planter

Breathe new life into last season’s summer straw purse by filling it with moist moss and tucking in several orchids. If you don’t have a bag on hand, go to a vintage shop and pick one up. A straw bag is ideal, because when you water, the excess can  drip through the bag’s bottom so your orchid doesn’t drown if it gets too much water.

Get tips for making your orchid last!

Get tips for watering your orchids.

Sweet Tooth Orchid

Flowers and candy say it all! Simply slip the roots and moss of a mini orchid into a plastic bag, drop it into a clear-glass vase, and fill the container with colorful candy. It’s a sweet gift!

Orchids and Friends

Pair orchids with a mix of festive foliage houseplants. Choose variegated or colorful plants such as Marble Queen pothos, Butterfly nephthytis, and purple waffle plant.
Tip: Orchids don’t like as much water as many traditional houseplants, but you can get the same look by “planting” your orchid’s pot in with the houseplants. That allows you to water them separately!

Woodland Garden

An arching orchid pairs beautifully with a frilly fern. Surround the plants with moist moss. Add forest-floor features such as pinecones and a small stone cairn for a perfectly natural, rustic look.

Opposites Attract

Galvanized metal isn’t a toney material until it’s packed with three exotic orchids. The Cinderella transformation reveals a chic bucket of dressed up blooms that can serve as a centerpiece for an alfresco dinner party or a kickback front-porch planter.

Feather Your Nest

A fallen robin’s nest provides a natural vessel for an orchid. Set the nest onto a ceramic dish and simply insert a mini orchid. If you don’t have a nest on hand, source a twig nest from a craft or hobby store.

Orchid on the Half Shell

Here’s a nod to Botticelli’s famous painting Birth of Venus. Simply remove a mini orchid from its container and set in a clamshell (or pretty shallow dish). Surround the roots with moist moss for your own lovely work of art.

Orchid Terrarium

An orchid under glass looks even more exotic. This easy recipe includes a tall cylindrical, clear-glass vase, pebbles, moss, and an orchid. Simply pour in a layer of pebbles so it’s a couple of inches deep, then place a layer of moss to nest your orchid into.
Tip: Moisten the moss before placing it in the cylinder.  

Bubbly Buddies

Celebrate a special occasion by dropping two orchids into a champagne bucket. It’s an easy, elegant way to add style to any space. (PS: If you’re giving the orchid as a gift, bring along a bottle of champagne…)

Soup Tureen Planter

Pull out your grandmother’s soup tureen (or any large bowl) and pack it full of gorgeous seasonal flowers (such as these violas). Add an orchid or two to make a beautiful (and so easy!) centerpiece.
Tip: Pay attention to the flowers; color coordinate for a high-design look or contrast with opposite shades for a bolder look.