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Deck the Halls with Surprising Holiday (House) Plants

Put together these easy and creative holiday vignettes -- all made with houseplants. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Ho-ho-ho Your Living Room

Your sofa table is an ideal central location on which to create a little holiday vignette with houseplants.

Here's an easy focal point: Add a trio of mini poinsettias corralled in a wooden box. Sprinkle a hefty helping of colorful holiday ornaments and pinecones around the plants. Set on a festive holiday runner. Then add in a few holiday decor items, such as  a lantern filled with sparkly ornaments and reindeer, and you have instant holiday decor.

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Create a Corner Vignette

An entryway, living room alcove, or empty corner can take on a festive tone with a small vignette of holiday items.

A conical eugenia looks gorgeous studded with a few ornaments. A Norfolk Island Pine spreads a little woodland wonderland cheer when inserted into a rough, bark container.

Layer in more holiday elements that you love (like giant snowflakes!) to make any corner in your home sing with holiday cheer.

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Deck a Bookshelf

Deck out any piece of furniture with holiday cheer. A glass-front bookshelf is the ideal spot to create little holiday vignettes. The little cubbies are shadow boxes where you can nestle small houseplants in decorative pots alongside other festive holiday decor. 

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Etagere Elegance

A festive red, white, and green theme makes an ideal shelf vignette on an etagere or other lighted shelf. A white urn with a big showy poinsettia makes an eye-catching centerpiece. Two airy ferns sitting in rustic bark containers and small white bowls filled with variegated creeping fig add the final touches of foliage finesse.

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Mantel Makeover

Dress up your fireplace mantel with a grouping of holiday inspired plantings, such as Norfolk Island Pine and poinsettias. These traditional holiday houseplants add a flush of live foliage and brilliant color. Small colorful additions, such as a candy-cane-striped planter with variegated creeping fig adds instant holiday flourish. A sprinkle of bright holiday ornaments, a swag of colorful roping, and other holiday icons, such as a long-legged silver reindeer, make the mantle an easy and memorable room centerpiece.

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Wintertime Whimsy

If traditional holiday colors (red, green, white) aren't your decorating thing, use a neutral palette. But don’t forget to have some fun.

A owl planter with a phalaenopsis orchid gets a holiday makeover when combined with a Norfolk Island Pine in a snowy white container. Add in a few tree ornaments for color and other whimsical additions (like a little reindeer) and you have an instant holiday vignette.

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New Twists on Holiday Greenery

Live greens (in the forms of houseplant) bring a fresh feel to holiday decor.

Forget cut evergreen roping, which has the tendency to dry out and shatter all over your floor (ugh!). This never happens when your holiday decor is made up of living plants.

Choose a mix of houseplants with different textures and heights to create a vignette that will last through all the winter holidays and on through the spring.

Norfolk Island Pine offers soft needles and airy stems; it looks like a little Christmas tree. Variegated creeping fig makes a frilly skirt when both are planted in a red spatterware bucket. The airy fronds of fern takes on a holiday demeanor when displayed in a swirly red-and-gold pot.

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Windowsill Wonderland

Transform any windowsill into a holiday vignette using Christmas cactus, decorative ornaments, and gold-spray painted pine cones.

Christmas cactus bloom in all the holiday colors (red, pink, and white), so you can mix and match them for the color scheme that works best with your interior decor. 

Here are 5 reasons you’ll love Christmas cactus all year round. 

Green and Copper

The curly, heart-shape leaves of ivy is a traditional holiday plant. You can add a little flush of green foliage anywhere in the house to add a subtle festive touch. A line up of ivy in copper containers is a beautiful mantel decoration that will sail into the next season.  

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