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Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Houseplants

Using Red Aglaonemas in Holiday Decor

When it comes to holiday décor, I like to use fresh and natural materials as often as I can: fragrant fir boughs, pinecones, holly, and my new favorite holiday plant—red aglaonema.

It was only by accident that I tapped my favorite houseplant as a part of my go-to holiday décor. It’s a tropical plant from Thailand, after all.

As I was packing fir boughs into a wire urn for our front porch, I realized that without a focal point and some color, the boughs wouldn’t look like anything—sort of like a tumbleweed.

So I stepped inside the house in search of something with color, red preferably. And there was my red aglaonema was sitting on a table in my front entry way—a happy little welcome to visitors who stepped through our front door.

A little cartoon light bulb went on over my head.

I dumped out the fir boughs from the wire urn and set the red aglaonema into the center. I stuck the boughs around the red aglaonema—carefully—because their leaves have succulentlike stems and they can’t take a lot of jostling. The result? A quick-and-easy holiday centerpiece.

Isn’t it fun to do something spur of the moment and have it turn out surprisingly well?

I’ll be using red aglaonema in my holiday decorating this winter. What about you? 

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