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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 HouseplantsTrending Tropicals®

Trending Tropicals® Collection: Meet Nanouk Tradescantia

We’ve grown a lot of tradescantias over the years, but we’ve never seen one as beautiful as Nanouk.

This amazing new member of the Trending Tropicals® collection produces extra large leaves with broad pink, green, and magenta stripes. The leaves are also produced on thick, compact stems that create a solid mass of color even when viewed from below.

Like other tradescantias (often called Inch plant) Nanouk is a vigorous trailer that looks terrific tumbling over the edge of a tall pot, urn, or hanging basket. It also makes a great indoor ground cover planted at the base of taller house plants such as dracaena, bird of Paradise, or palm. 

Good looks aren’t the only thing Nanouk tradescantia offers. This gorgeous plant is also super easy to grow. It thrives in bright, indirect light (although it can take some direct sun) and a good drink of water whenever the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Of course, it is tropical in nature so you’ll need to protect your plants from being exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees F. 

Because Nanouk tradescantia is so versatile when it comes to light requirements, you can use it almost anywhere in your home that gets some natural light. Plus, their boldly patterned leaves will add a needed dose of color to bathrooms, kitchens, entries, or bedrooms. You can even make a cheerful table centerpiece by clustering them in a low pot or basket. 

Outdoors, Nanouk looks terrific in hanging baskets displayed on your porch or patio. Or try mixing them with annual flowers such as geraniums, begonias, or angelonia.

Discover more about the Trending Tropicals® houseplant collection. 

Written by:
Doug Jimerson

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