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Wednesday, October 14, 2020 Houseplants

Perfect Plants for Gifts

Plants make the best gifts! They are long-lasting, healthful, and thoughtful presents for housewarmings, dinner party take-alongs, and birthdays. No one has plant allergies (you can’t say that about foods). No one has given up plants because they are trying to cut calories (you can’t say that about chocolates). Plants are nothing but beautiful and joyous. Here are four plants that make great gifts.

Succulents: Perfect gift for your busy-at-work friend
Mini succulents potted up in colorful containers make excellent gifts. They don’t require wrapping up. Just show up with one in hand and you will make a big impression. Succulents can live longer on neglect than most plants. Forget to water them and they take it in stride. Make sure that your gift recipient knows that these plants require full sunlight.

Dracaena: Ideal gift for a house-warming gift
Dracaena are a big group of plants that sport a diverse leafy look. Corn plant also sometimes called mass cane is super easy to grow, so it is a great plant for a new homeowner or first-time plant parent. Did you know that lucky bamboo is also a member of the dracaena family? This unique plant adds a bold note to indoor decor with its intricately arranged stems. It is a slow-growing foliage houseplant that's easy to care for in a low- or medium-light spot. Or try ‘Anita’ dracaena. This variety has narrower leaves than most -- almost grassy. It grows as a small tree and is beautiful on tabletops.

Peace Lily: Easy-care plant for new parents
Peace lily (also called Spathiphyllum) offers green glossy leaves topped with beautiful white flowers (which are actually spaths). This popular houseplant fits in every style of interior decor-- from casual to formal. Big plants look great on the floor; smaller versions are ideal for tabletops or plant stands. New parents will have their hands full with a baby, so make your gift as self-sufficient as possible. Get a peace lily in a Wick & Grow™ pot and it will be self watering!

Sansevieria: Perfect thank-you gift
Also called snake plant, sansevieria is a lovely way to deliver your thanks in plant form. This easy-care plant offers stiff spiky leaves that are green, green and white, or green and yellow. Leaves can be short or grow several feet tall depending on the variety. Snake plants accent any type of home decor. They are also ideal for pet owners, because their stiff leaves aren’t at all munch-worthy.

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