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Friday, January 20, 2023 Home DecorHouseplantsJust for Fun!

New Year: Start Fresh, Start Green, Start Now!

Enter this year with a green and positive attitude. Add plants to your home to create the right atmosphere for new beginnings, attract new opportunities, and help the environment of our collective home, Planet Earth.

Become a Fiddle Leaf Fig Virtuoso
Next time you turn on your TV, check the decorations in commercials and TV shows. You will most likely see a Fiddle Leaf Fig in one corner. Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the trendiest plants of 2023 for two main reasons. One is its showy, glossy, large, beautiful leaves. The second is its adaptability. This tropical plant is a conversation piece and does well indoors in bright light.
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Start an Indoor Garden with Exotic Angel® Plants
Imagine yourself waking up every day to a beautiful small indoor garden. Houseplants bring the wild world of nature into your interior spaces, surrounding you with beautiful living things. Studies have shown that houseplants make you healthier and more mindful. Exotic Angel® plants offer more than 200 different types of plants grown in pristine conditions that thrive indoors.
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Add Extra Zs to Your Good Night's Sleep
Did you forget to water your plant this week? Don’t worry, you have a ZZ Plant. ZZ Plants are among the easiest houseplants that ever came out to the market.  They are beautiful, extremely low-maintenance, and seem to last forever. In fact, all the ZZ Plants need to thrive is adequate light and good watering every two weeks. ZZ Plants have air purifying qualities too, removing volatile organic compounds from the air.
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Money Trees Do Exist
Money Trees symbolize fortune and affluence, and according to legend, they bring good things to the people that grow them. This is a great and easy-to-care houseplant, especially if you tend to overwater plants, as it appreciates constantly moist soil. This is a great plant to start a year filled with good surprises.
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Life is a Paradise for Plant Lovers
Paradise starts at home. Bring an exotic touch to your décor with a live White Bird of Paradise. Add elegance with the bold textural leaves. White Bird of Paradise is perfect for adding a vertical and sculptural presence to a room and is an ideal plant for filling empty corners or breaking up an expanse of empty walls.
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