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Friday, October 7, 2022 HouseplantsTrending Tropicals®

Grow Plants for a Healthier Life

Can indoor plants help you work, think, and feel better? Absolutely!

Nurturing indoor plants is a great hobby. But did you know that your plants also nurture you back? Many studies have shown that raising indoor plants is part of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Plus, having plants around is part of a global aesthetic that supports the positivity of surrounding yourself with green, living things.

Houseplants are mood lifters
An article in Psychology Today says “Nature has the capacity to generate wonder and awe. The beauty and expansiveness of nature can lead people to appreciate the grandeur of the universe, put their personal worries into perspective, and be more attentive to their world and their relationships.” Bringing nature indoors and including its care as a part of your daily life, makes that indoor-outdoor connection.

Improve your indoor spaces
Not only do plants look beautiful indoors, they also offer benefits to the air quality in your home. Some studies suggest that plants improve the air you breathe, removing toxins. Plus plants, with their textural leaves and colorful flowers (in some species), add a living element to every room.

Become more mindful
Mindfulness requires being in the present. This allows you to be more aware and thankful for your home, work, and relationships. Yoga and meditation exercises reveal how experiencing the now allows you to replace the stresses of the world with a deeper calm. Here are 6 ways houseplants can make you be more mindful.

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