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Friday, January 15, 2021 Exotic Angel PlantsHouseplants

Brighten Up with Sterling Silver Scindapsus

The applause and acclaim for Sterling Silver is everywhere -- from Facebook to Instagram to Reddit. (This new member of Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals® rare and distinctive plant collection is also a hot commodity in garden centers and online stores.) The combination of the rarity, easy-care attitude, and silvery beauty of Sterling Silver has made this variety a top seller. 

1. It’s rare (so, of course, everyone wants one…)
Sterling Silver Scindapsus features a similar look as two other popular plants: pothos and philodendron. But unlike the ubiquitous pothos and philodendron, this exotic relative is very uncommon. Plant enthusiasts are, in a word, smitten. (Oh, and a little obsessed.) Sterling Silver’s newness and rarity makes it a hot plant. 

2. It's easy to grow (even for a beginner)
Sterling Silver is a scindapsus (pronounced SKIN-DAP-SUS) is a close relative of pothos and philodendron and is one of the easiest to grow houseplants. This plant is native to Southeast Asia and New Guinea, but can happily grow in your home. It excels in medium to bright light, so it’s ideal for most indoor environments. Sterling Silver is not a prima donna when it comes to watering. In fact, it likes life on the dry side, so don’t over water it. (If the leaves start to gently curl up at the edges, you are either watering too much or too little.) 

3. It’s gorgeous (with a showy silver sheen)
Sterling Silver scindapsus has a simply stunning look. Plants produce thick, dark-green leaves that are kissed with a silvery sheen. It’s also a relatively slow-growing plant, so you can enjoy it’s beautiful mounding shape for months. As it matures it will trail or climb -- in the same way that pothos and philodendron do. It looks gorgeous as a single specimen plant on a living room table or kitchen counter. 

Look for the Costa Farms Trending Tropicals® brand 
Sterling Silver is also called Scindapsus treubii 'Moonlight'. Look for this plant as part of the Costa Farms’ Trending Tropicals®  houseplant collection. It’s just one of many rare and unique plants that Costa Farms is adding to this exciting new plant collection.

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