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Monday, October 28, 2019 Houseplants

5 Reasons Why I Love Begonias

Few indoor plants offer as much variety as begonias. These easy-care beauties are prized for their showy selection of leaf shapes, colors, and sizes.

Plus, their clusters of pink or white flowers are an unexpected bonus. 

Here are 5 reasons why I love begonias.

1. Their Beauty
Although most begonias produce lovely sprays of bloom throughout the year, it’s their foliage that takes center stage. Each leaf is dramatically marked with splotches, spots, and circles of bold color against a dark green background. Some varieties are so colorful they remind me of an artist’s palette generously marked with paint. Rex and other types of rhizomatous begonias are probably the most flamboyant members of the family, but all begonias have bold leaves.

2. They're Shade Loving
Begonias are totally happy when grown in the darker spaces of your home. They don’t like direct sun and will thrive in spots where other indoor plants might struggle. Of course, they won’t grow in total darkness, but bright, indirect light suits them just fine. 

3. They Grow Indoors and Out
Begonias are one of the best indoor/outdoor plants you can grow. Not only do they make exceptional houseplants, these versatile plants make lovely additions to hanging baskets, window boxes, or mixed containers. Just be sure they’re protected from direct sun, especially during mid-summer when the temperatures soar.

4. They're Collectible
Once you’ve grown one or two begonias, I guarantee you’ll want to grow more. There are just so many varieties these cheerful little plants  can quickly become habit forming. In my collection, I have a dozen different types and am always on the lookout for a new addition to the family. I especially love how so many varieties also sport unusually shaped foliage, too. 

5. They're Easy to Care for
Begonias are easy to please. They don’t, however, enjoy being thirsty so be sure to water them whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. Over time, some varieties can grow quite tall or wide, but simply prune off excess growth and root the trimmings in a glass of water to share with your friends. Offer your plants a little liquid fertilizer every few weeks during the spring and summer.

Written by:
Doug Jimerson

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