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Friday, April 19, 2019 AnnualsContainer GardeningSummer

5 Reasons to Love Lantana

Looking for a reliable bloomer for containers or the landscape? You can't go wrong with lantana! This easy-care, sun-lover is a snap to grow and will reward you with months of cheerful color. Here are 5 reasons to add this beauty to your garden.

1. Pollinators Love it 
Butterflies, moths, and even hummingbirds flock to lantana to enjoy its nectar-rich blooms. The plant produces a nonstop supply of blooms right up through fall so it's the perfect plant to help feed migrating butterflies.
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2. Heat and Drought Doesn't Faze it 
Hot, dry conditions won't stop lantana from blooming it's head off. This vigorous plant is the perfect choice for regions where rainfall is scarce. It does prefer to be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch, but if you forget to water lantana, it won't mind.

3. The Colors Are Amazing 
Lantana comes in a host of gorgeous colors including gold, yellow, pink, cream, white, and a host of beautiful bi-colors. What's more, the blooms are often carried above the foliage where they can be viewed easily. 

4. It Looks Fabulous in Containers 
Lantana has a low-growing growth habit, so it's ideal for adding to containers, where it will tumble over the sides. It also has a nice mounding habit, so it really fills up a container.

5. Lantana Is Perennial in Frost-Free Regions 
If you live in a mild winter area, lantana acts like a perennial, eventually forming a low, woody shrub that looks terrific in the landscape or containers.

Written by:
Doug Jimerson

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