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Friday, May 31, 2019 Cacti and Succulents

5 Interesting Ways to Use Succulents

Succulent plants in repurposed container1: Pack Succulents into Found-Object Vessel
A rustic vintage found-object container makes an excellent (or eccentric container, depending on how you feel). The color and shape suit the sculptural feel of the succulents. 

GROWING TIP: Make sure containers have adequate drainage holes. Succulents don’t like to live in consistently moist or soggy soil. Read more about buying succulents.

2: Suspend Succulents in the Air
Although you may not think of succulents as traditional hanging plants, they take on singular beauty when planted in a hanging container. Succulents are especially suited to growing in hanging containers because these types of vessels tend to dry out quickly and can be more difficult to water since they're overhead. 

 GROWING TIP: Hang sticky or poky plants in spots where they can’t be bumped into. 
Get more tips for containers of succulents and cacti in our ebook!

3: Combine Succulents into a Form
Like a school of fish or flock of birds, a group of succulents takes on a group personality. Planting succulents into a shape, such as a round or square wreath gives them the opportunity to express themselves as a group. You can even grow these easy-care plants on a topiary form for a more three-dimensional look in your landscape (or home). 

GROWING TIP: Plant succulents in a moss-filled base. Or pack succulents into a dish garden with these easy steps.

4: Line Succulents up on a Mantle
Are you looking for an interesting mantle array (like the one above)? Try a lineup of succulents. A sunny mantle offers a stage for a conga line of cacti and succulents. 

GROWING TIP: Cacti and succulents prefer a sunny spot indoors. Read more about other mantle-scaping ideas.

5: Give Succulents a Job
A container with a cacti or succulent can turn into a table setting or name place marker. These little plants excel as decorative elements on wedding tables and at place settings for sit-down dinners.

GROWING TIP: Add decorative mulch to make succulent and cacti table settings more attractive. Here's how to care for a container with glued-in pebble mulch.

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