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Wednesday, October 7, 2020 Container GardeningHouseplants

4 Easy Plant Hacks Every New Parent Parent Should Know

Looking for some easier and smarter ways to garden? Here are some great plant hacks you can use indoors and out.

1 Lightening up big containers hack
Lighten the weight of large soil-filled containers by adding a layer of empty plastic bottles, nursery pots, or milk jugs in the lower third of the pot. Then, fill with potting soil before planting. Your plants won’t suffer and the soil/bottle mixture will make your container more lightweight.

2 Watering hacks for vacation time
Plants in small containers can dry out quickly, especially if you are leaving for a short vacation. One way to keep your tiny treasures in good shape is to place them all in your bathtub. Add water to the tub, but not so much that the plants are sitting in moisture. You want just enough water  in the base of the tub to raise the humidity levels around your plants. Also, by grouping them close together they will naturally lift the humidity level around them. Just be sure to leave the lights on for your plant while you are gone.

3 Use a self watering hack
If you occasionally forget to water your plants, try using a water wicking system. This method provides your plants with moisture as they need it so there’s never any worry about under or overwatering. Costa Farms Wick & Grow system, for example, is especially useful when it comes to heavy drinkers such as peace lily, nerve plant, and ferns. The cord or wick slowly absorbs water from a reservoir underneath the pot and delivers it to the soil as it dries. All you have to do with a wick system is to keep the reservoir filled with water every week or so.

4 Turn your plants hack
At first glance it might look that all parts of your plants are getting the same amount of light especially if they are near a bright window. Yet, when light comes from only one source, the “dark” side of your plants may suffer. To be sure all parts of your plants are getting the right amount of light, give each one a quarter turn every week. This will also prevent all your plants from leaning towards the window.

Written by:
Doug Jimerson

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