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When asked which is the most exotic, elusive and complex of all flowers, many people might think of the orchid.  Costa Farms wants to dispel the myth that orchids are difficult plants.  Through Orchids are Easy, Costa Farms aims to promote and encourage the growing of orchids to gardeners nationwide.

Often described as the most beautiful flowers in the world, orchids have a distinct and undeniable mystique, which beauty alone cannot explain.  Costa Farms currently grows a number of orchid varieties, including Phalaenopsis or ‘moth orchids’, which are the perfect choice for beginners.

Besides being the most popular, Phalaenopsis are the easiest to grow, rewarding you with weeks of showy blooms.  These brilliant blooms range in size from 2” to nearly 5” in diameter, come in miniature versions and are also a great way to spruce up your home or office without breaking the budget.

Bucking its delicate reputation, orchids have gone from exotic bloom to perfect “living gifts” for Mother’s Day, birthdays, house warming parties and teachers.

When a few plant care requirements are met, growing orchids in the home can be a rewarding experience.  The huge family of orchids contains 880 genera, 28,000 species, and over 300,000 registered cultivars worldwide.  With so many choices, most people will be able to find an orchid that will thrive in their home. To learn more, visit OrchidsAreEasy.com.

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