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To develop the best Team in the industry, create Solutions for our customers and position ourselves to capitalize on Growth opportunities”

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In 1961, south of Miami, Florida, Jose Costa, Sr. purchased his first 30 acres to farm vine-ripe tomatoes during the winter months.  As he searched for a summer crop option, Jose entertained a very unique idea: growing Calamondin oranges.  Little did Jose know that this exotic citrus from China and the Philippines would provide a novel summer crop.


Within a short time, operations expanded and demand steadily increased.  In 1973, Costa Farms purchased property in the Dominican Republic to grow young plant material.  This investment in quality control underlined Costa Farms' dedication to high-grade products and dependable supply -- right from the beginning.


Success in the Indoor Houseplant Division led to the continued expansion of operations over the next two decades.  By the time that the Bedding Plant Division was added to the Costa Farms' lineup, the company had attracted the biggest retailers on both regional and national levels.


Today, Costa Farms is a third-generation, family-owned business that globally stretches over 4,200 acres and employs 3,400 people. Along with thriving indoor houseplant, annual-, and perennial-plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and transportation companies as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic and Far East.

Indoor Houseplant Division
Costa Farms’ commitment to quality is evident throughout its world-renowned Indoor Houseplant Division, which produces anything and everything you can imagine in the indoor houseplant category. The list of products currently exceeds 1,500, including various popular indoor and outdoor tropical plants, such as fern baskets and the latest orchid hybrids. All Costa Farms' plants go through a process of acclimation, so that each plant can perform at its optimum level when purchased at the garden center and brought home.

Bedding Plant Division
The Costa Farms' Bedding Plant Division grows all of Costa Farms’ annuals and Florida perennials, encompassing approximately 2,000 combinations of plant varieties and pots. The Bedding Plant Division aims to sustain the highest levels of quality, which requires the proper mix in the areas of people, production, technology and customer service. In its South Florida facility, Costa Farms is fortunate to have opportune weather conditions, that are conducive for growing outdoors year-round. In North Carolina, Costa Farms utilizes an advanced environmental control system to maintain year-round growing conditions in various greenhouses.

Plant breeding activity has significantly changed over the years, and Costa Farms has invested in its Research & Development team, a department within the Bedding Plant Division. The R&D team strives to develop solutions to improve its production practices in addition to providing customers with an objective platform to evaluate new genetics and technologies. Costa Farms is not just creating plants that look better, but making the end consumer more successful.

Perennial Plant Division
In March of 2012, Costa Farms acquired the business assets of Layman Wholesale Nurseries, a Trenton, South Carolina based perennials grower, thus adding a perennial plant division to Costa Farms’ operations. This division also specializes in flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses, groundcovers, and ornamental lilies.

Overseas Operations
From the acquisition of young plant farms to traveling the globe, Costa Farms aims to ensure that its products are of the highest possible quality. Costa Farms owns facilities in the Dominican Republic, where it grows young plant material that is shipped to the U.S. and finished for sale. The Costa Farms’ Far East facility, located in Guangdong, China, is in direct contact with factories and raw material suppliers, which allows for reduced costs and higher overall monitored quality for its customers on a global scale.

Other Operations
Gardenvision, an affiliate of Costa Farms, is a merchandising service organization that focuses on executing point of purchase placement, merchandising plans, programs and planograms via regular, recurring in-store service in retail stores. The Gardenvision team aims to enhance overall retail shopping experiences by executing high impact product presentations. As a member of the Costa family of companies, Gardenvision has been in existence since 2004.

Another division of Costa Farms is Total Growth Solutions, which is a premier young plant grower, servicing the young plant needs of finished growers by way of high quality plugs, improved genetics and simplistic delivery options. Partnering with Syngenta Horticultural Services, TGS aims to supply the highest quality young plants to all SHS/TGS customers.
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