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Help the Environment with Houseplants from Costa Farms

Earth day is a chance for all of us to give back to the planet. We take the opportunity to do community clean-up projects, plant trees, and practices that help protect the future. Of course, Costa Farms believes supporting the environment is something we should do every day.  But being eco friendly doesn’t have to be focused on the outside world. There’s a lot we can do inside, too. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency suggest the quality of our indoor air may be at risk in that it can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. For Earth Day 2017 (and beyond), take the opportunity to bring indoor plants to your home or office. Houseplants produce fresh oxygen and remove potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) constantly released by carpet, paint, printer toner, and household supplies. Pick the best plants for you with the Costa Farms O2 For You: Houseplants with a Purpose collection. It’s made up of varieties that can remove up to 87 percent of the VOCs we’re exposed to every day as we breathe.  “Whether it’s indoors or out, we need to take care of our environment,” says Justin Hancock, Costa Farms horticulturist. “Nature works wonders on the body and mind. Add a few houseplants to your indoor space to improve the air you breathe -- and more.” Research conducted by the University of Exeter proves simply being around indoor plants can improve concentration levels, boost our productivity, and help well-being by nearly 50 percent over plant-less environments.  Enjoy the many benefits plants offer you by incorporating easy-care houseplants in your favorite indoor working, living, and playing spaces this Earth Day. Here are five of Hancock’s top picks.  Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum): Peace lilies are fabulous air cleaners and  wonderfully easy to grow. They show off dramatic rich green leaves and cheerful calla-like flowers. This common houseplant tops NASA’s list for efficiently pulling out the most common VOCS. Looking for something special? Go with the variety ‘Domino’, which features deep green leaves playfully variegated in silver and white.  Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema): Offering delightful and eye-catching leaves, as well as the and flower, Chinese Evergreen is attractive, amazingly easy-to-grow, and a powerfully efficient air cleaner. It’s loved for its ability to survive long periods of neglect.  Philodendron: A common -- and classic -- houseplant, philodendron has stood the test of time for being a cinch to grow. Some types climb and look chic when grown on a trellis or left to trail from a basket.  Dracaena: A fabulous group of tropical trees, dracaenas start off small and slowly grow to show off tree-like woody trunks. Over time, these easy-care plants can 6 feet or more tall! Most dracaenas elegantly add interest and personality to dens, living rooms, and bedrooms.  ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas): One of the best plants for beginners, ZZ plant thrives practically everywhere inside. Have a dim corner? No problem! Want it in a bright kitchen? It’s happy there, too. And, it doesn’t need a lot of watering.  To find the best houseplants for your home or office and how to care for them, visit  About Costa Farms: Costa Farms is the largest producer of ornamental plants in the world. Founded in 1961 by Jose Costa, Costa Farms is a third-generation, family-owned business that globally stretches over 4,000 acres and employs nearly 5,000 people. Along with thriving indoor and bedding plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and young-plant production divisions as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in South and Central Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic and Far East.

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