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Costa Farms Recommends Norfolk Island Pine for Millennials this Holiday Season

Now that the holidays have arrived, you’re probably thinking about what to gift the millennials you know and love. Known for loving experiences over “stuff,” social-media-loving millennials can seem hard to shop for. Houseplants are always a great choice.

Over the last couple of years, houseplants have become increasingly trendy. Look at Instagram and you’ll see plants have become one of the top things to post. It’s hard to miss the plethora of plant-reIated posts like #HouseplantClub, #PlantsofInstagram, #UrbanJungle, and #PlantsofSteel. “There are so many reasons to grow houseplants,” says Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Horticulturist. “They’re scientifically proven to remove harmful VOCs and other pollutants from our indoor air, and boost both our physical and mental wellness.

This time of year, look at beautiful Norfolk Island pines to add a festive look to your décor that gives back all year long.” Norfolk Island pine sports soft, rich green needles and flexible branches. It’s ideal for decorating with fairy lights and lightweight ornaments such as origami.

A tropical mini Christmas tree, Norfolk Island pine looks great in the winter season, but feels right at home all year long. And with good care, you can enjoy this low-maintenance houseplant for years. “Unlike the typical Christmas trees from Northern regions, tropical Norfolk Island pine doesn't survive freezing temperatures.

Enjoy its beauty in your home or office,” says Hancock. Choose smaller houseplants like nerve plant, Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera), Rex begonia (Begonia rex), or earth star (Cryptanthus) for additional gifts. These plants come in seasonal red and green and can be planted in smaller containers like sleighs and reindeer figurines. Whatever you choose, these plants continue to add beauty – and health -- to homes without feeling out of place all year long.

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