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Purple Desire Plant

Leea guineensis

Purple Desire Plant Plant Features

Purple Desire is an exotic indoor plant that's easy to grow! We adore this beauty for its beautiful purple leaves. This bushy houseplant's rich color makes it pop against light-color walls (the purple provides a particularly fun effect against green walls). Purple Desire also creates a pleasing contrast when paired with light-color woods such as birch, honey oak, and maple. 

Purple Desire is a medium grower, so you don't have to worry about a small specimen outgrowing its spot, but you will get to watch it grow into a beautiful bushy houseplant over time. 

Purple Desire Questions?
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Purple Desire Plant Growing Instructions

Grow Purple Desire in medium to bright light. Like most houseplants, it will grow faster and have richer color in brighter light. If you grow this indoor plant in low light, its leaves will go from rich burgundy purple to dark green. 

Water Purple Desire when the top inch or so of the potting mix starts to dry out. That often means about once a week or so, but this can vary with factors such as how much light the Purple Desire gets, how large the plant is, and how large the pot is. 

Fertilize your Purple Desire once a month or so in spring and summer to keep it happiest. This exotic houseplant likes to rest in winter, so you don't need to feed it at all in the winter months. 

Because Purple Desire is a bushy houseplant, you can prune it to shape it. Pruning can be done at any time of the year. 

Note: Purple Desire is not intended for human or animal consumption. 

  • Light

    Indoors: High light
    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors


  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Purifies the air

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