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Epipremnum aureum

Pothos Plant Features

A perfect houseplant for beginners, pothos is one of the easiest you can grow -- and one of the most popular. This hardy indoor plant features dark green leaves splashed and marbled in shades of yellow, cream, or white. Pothos is wonderfully versatile in the home: You can grow it in hanging baskets to trail down, let it climb a totem or trellis, or grow horizontally along a tabletop or mantle. 

Pothos Questions?
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Pothos Growing Instructions

Pothos requires no special care indoors; it tolerates low light (but grows well in medium- and high-light spots, as well), low humidity, and the occasional missed watering. That said, pothos prefers moist (but not wet or saturated) soil. 

Pothos also functions as a living air purifier making it ideal for home and office settings. It's one of the best houseplants for any room of your home. 

This easy-care houseplant is not intended for human or animal consumption. 

  • Light

    Indoors: High light
    Indoors: Low light
    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors

    Green, Variegated

  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Purifies the air
    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Pothos with these varieties:
Arrowhead Plant
Arrowhead plant and pothos make a delightful climbing combo!

Dieffenbachia and pothos are lovely complements to one another.

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail palm and pothos are perfect, easy-care houseplants to grow together.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Golden Pothos Golden Pothos

Epipremnum aureum

Golden pothos has medium green, heart-shaped leaves streaked with golden-yellow variegation.

Jade Pothos Jade Pothos

Epipremnum aureum 'Jade'

Jade pothos shows off dark green, heart-shaped leaves lightly variegated with creamy gold.

Exotic Angel
Marble Queen Pothos Marble Queen Pothos

Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'

Marble Queen pothos is a highly variegated variety with heart-shaped leaves and creamy-white variation.

Exotic Angel
Neon Pothos Neon Pothos

Epipremnum aureum 'Neon'

Neon pothos shows off bright, chartreuse leaves.

Exotic Angel
Silver Pothos Silver Pothos

Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus'

Also called satin pothos (or philodendron Trebi), silver pothos has dark green leaves that have silvery spots and a velvet-like sheen.

Exotic Angel