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Dracaena Anita

Dracaena reflexa 'Anita'

Dracaena Anita Plant Features

Dracaena Anita is a top choice for beginners with houseplants because the variety is so easy to care for. It features soft dark green foliage that arches out from the main stem, giving dracaena Anita the feel of fireworks. Larger specimens are perfect for filling empty corners or adding interest to blank walls. A line of them makes for a fun room divider or living screen.

While it tolerates a range of conditions, including low light, dracaena Anita grows best in bright light and high humidity. If the air gets too dry, a common problem indoors during winter in cold climates, the leaf tips or edges may turn brown. Halt the problem by grouping dracaena Anita with other indoor plants as they release moisture into the air as they breathe.

As with most houseplants, Dracaena Anita will filter harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air.

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