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Cat's Whiskers

Orthosiphon aristatus

Cat's Whiskers Plant Features

Cat's whiskers may be for you if you want a fun tropical plant to add texture and interest to garden beds, borders, or containers. A beautiful specimen that always grabs attention, cat's whiskers earns its common name because the spikes of flowers have long white stamens protruding from the flowers, and they look like pure white whiskers. 

Cat's whiskers flowers all summer long in the North and on and off throughout the year when grown as a perennial in the tropics. Its consistent flowering has made it a favorite of gardeners just about everywhere. Its upright growth and spiky flowers make it a natural pick to pair with mounding and trailing plants to create a bold contrast in shape and texture. Because it has white flowers, the plant looks good with just about everything you pair it with.

Cat's Whiskers Questions?
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Cat's Whiskers Growing Instructions

Grow cat's whiskers in full sun or part shade to ensure a steady supply of blooms. Water the plant when the top inch or two of the soil starts to dry. A 2- or 3-inch-deep layer of mulch of the soil surface can help conserve moisture during periods of hot, dry weather -- reducing the amount of watering you need to do. (By the way: This trick also works well with container gardens!)

Cat's whiskers typically doesn't require fertilization when grown in garden beds or borders, but usually blooms best if it's feed once or twice in spring and summer. You can fertilize more frequently -- especially if you grow the plant in pots. Do be sure to follow the recommendations on the fertilizer packaging. 

Removing the spent blooms helps this tropical perennial bloom its best; that's typically all the pruning that's required. 

Cat's whiskers is hardy in Zone 10 and is not recommended for human or animal consumption. 

  • Light

    Outside: Part sun
    Outside: Sun

  • Colors


  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies
    Deer/rabbit resistant
    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Cat's Whiskers with these varieties:
Pair cat's whiskers with cannas for a bold, upright look in your garden or containers.

Cat's whiskers pure-white flowers look lovely against sky-blue plumbago.

Pentas and cat's whiskers look fabulous together -- and like the same growing conditions. They make a knockout combination!