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Early Blossoms®

If you're like us, after a long, cold winter, you're looking for lots of color early in the season. That's why we've put together the Early Blossoms® collection. Our growers have hand-picked their favorite early-season flowers that don't mind cool weather, so you can use them to add lots of color to your deck, patio, balcony, porch, and other outdoor space.

Scroll down to discover some of the top varieties in our collection of gorgeous, easy-care Early Blossoms®.

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Pericallis spp.

The Easter-egg colors of pericallis are a joy to behold in the early spring. These easy-care flowers look terrific in containers or flower borders. Growing 8 to 12 inches tall, pericallis, occasionally called cineraria (and sometimes Senetti after...

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The heady fragrance and jewel-like colors of freesia make it a top choice for florist and bridal bouquets. Each freesia plant produces delicate looking sprays of citrus-scented bloom in a wide variety of colors and color patterns, including single-...

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The bright, peony-like flowers of ranunculus make a delightful addition to early-spring flower borders, containers, or bouquets. These cool-weather bulbs are treated as annuals in most of the country, but in select regions with cool, mild winters...

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Calla Lily


The tall, elegant flower stalks of calla lily add a sense of sophistication and artistry to borders and containers. These easy-care, tender bulbs thrive in sunny spots and rich moist soil. Calla lilies grow 12 to 36 inches tall, depending on the...

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Dianthus, Annual


Jumpstart the color show in your early-spring garden with a generous helping of annual dianthus. These cheery, fragrant annuals come in shades of pink, rose, white, lavender and bi-colors. As an extra bonus, annual dianthus has blue-green foliage...

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Lewisia spp.

Lewisia is a delightful flower for early spring that has delightful daisy-shaped flowers in a wide mix of colors. These blooms are often striped with contrasting colors, giving them extra appeal and interest. The plant is perfect for growing in...

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Streptocarpus spp.

Streptocarpus is a beautiful houseplant or spring-blooming annual flower. Related to gloxinias and African violets, it features lovely trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of white, pink, purple, and blue. The blooms rise gracefully above flat,...

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Calceolaria spp.

Calceolaria is a delightful annual flower that adds loads of drama to your early-spring deck, patio, balcony, or other outdoor living space. These cool-weather-loving plants show off unique flowers, reminiscent of orchids, on tidy mounding plants....

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