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Tuesday, August 29, 2017 AnnualsContainer Gardening

Transform a Ho-Hum Hot Tub with Tropicals and Annuals

I’m a big fan of how a soothing soak in a hot tub FEELS. Who doesn’t love warm, jetted waters that melt away stress after a long day of gardening?

What I’m not a big fan of how hot tubs LOOK (ahem: they remind me of an over-size picnic cooler).

We’ve owned three hot tubs, and with each one, I’ve struggled with where to put them (read: where to hide them). Because they just aren’t that attractive.

In our current backyard, there was only one spot for the hot tub—and that was on the deck in clear view of the kitchen window. Did I want to eat breakfast every morning staring out at the hot tub? (I think you know the answer to this.) How could I have my hot tub and also a great view at breakfast?

Plants to the rescue!! With a few well-placed large and small foliage and flowering plants, our hot tub went from a nondescript box on the deck to an attractive focal point. Instead of trying to hide the hot tub, we called attention to it.

We added a couple of colorful crotons flanking the step to create a jungle-spa feeling. Crotons love full sun, so these beauties will stand up to summer’s hot rays with glee. Because crotons are so also colorful, we leveraged their multi-color orange, yellow, and red for accent colors. A pot of foxtail asparagus fern and lemon thyme adds color, texture, and lemony fragrance. 

The look is citrusy, summery, and easy—there are so many flowering annuals that fit our jungle-spa color theme. If you want to juice up the color on your deck, try these colorful flowers.


Red Salvia


And don’t forget to add some quiet to the riot. That’s what green plants do: we used a jade plant and a collection of little succulents to add the ahhh-effect.

Now when I’m in the spa, I’m surrounded by tropical color. And when I’m eating breakfast, I’m looking at a garden.

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