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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Annuals

He Shed, She Shed

Do you have shed envy? I know we did. For years we relied on an old redwood greenhouse to store our pots in the winter and to protect our tender transplants in the early spring. But, sadly, over time the old greenhouse started to rot and one day the whole thing just collapsed.

Meanwhile, our friend and neighbor, Sandy was revamping an old shed on her rural property, surrounding it with a spectacular border brimming with old-fashioned perennials such as Asiatic lilies, campanula, daisy, and climbing rose. To say that Karen, my wife, and I were jealous is an understatement! There’s really nothing like a shed to show off your favorite plants and to house all the extra pots, tools, and gear a gardener collects over time. Plus, if your shed is large enough you can add a few chairs, lamps, and desk to create a private office or hideaway.

So, we turned to our friend, and master carpenter Randy and asked him if he could create a vintage-style shed/greenhouse for under 5 thousand dollars. In just a few weeks, using reclaimed lumber, large, off-the-shelf barn window sashes, and metal roof, he quickly created a gorgeous and practical shed (with enough windows it doubles as a greenhouse). He even used the old greenhouse’s foundation for support. We were thrilled because the new shed looked like it had been in our garden for decades.

What I like about having a shed is it allows us to start seeds or fill containers no matter what the weather. It also gives seedlings a protected place to adjust to our conditions when they first come home from the garden center. And, as garden writers a shed provides us with the perfect location to photograph plants and gardening techniques. For example, the entire How To Plant a Hanging Basket story was shot just days after Randy told us the construction was complete.

But most of all, I love walking into a shed like this in the early spring when it’s brim full of happy, blooming annual flowers. Marigold, geranium, salvia, petunias, begonia, celosia, calibrachoa, angelonia, impatiens, globe amaranth, scaevola, portulaca, sweet potato vine, and vinca are just a few of the annual plants that spend their early days soaking up the sun in this protected haven. All it needs now is to be surrounded by a bed of perennials to match the beauty and style of Sandy’s sensational shed.

Written by:
Doug Jimerson

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