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Monday, November 5, 2018 Home DecorJust for Fun!

5 Ways to Infuse Spa Style in Your Bath

Transform your bathroom into a calming, restful spot by borrowing some spa-style elements. Here are 5 simple ways: 

1. Use vertical space effectively
Most bathrooms are small. So, you need to take advantage of vertical space. One way is to add tiny shelves. Then add decorative elements that deliver a spa feel: rolled hand towels, a small bowl of handmade soaps, flowering plants in single pots.

2. Add live plants
Add living plants to vanities, windowsills, and tub surrounds.  Easy-care plants add natural beauty in a bathroom. According to the editors at, plants are a quick way to get the spa vibe. “Plants have a unique way of making a room feel more inviting and sophisticated, and the bathroom is no exception. Consider incorporating a few easy-to-care-succulents for a low-maintenance high-style solution.” Read more about trendy bathroom plants. 

3. Display elements collected from nature
A small shelf in a bathroom is a great spot to display a collection of natural objects, such as a stack of stones or a bowl of shells collected from your last beach vacation. Organic elements collected from nature are free (collect them on hikes!) and they add simple natural style. 

4. Add a shower companion
Plants are ideal shower stall buddies, according to editors of Architectural Digest. In a recent article, they recommended these plants for bathroom shower spaces: Monstera deliciosa, pothos, Philodendron hederaceum, asparagus ferns, staghorn ferns, wax plants, and air plants. For a flowering option, choose a moth orchid. Read the entire article here. 

5. Infuse scent
You know how spas always smell so herbal and relaxing? Harness the scents of herbs and spices for your aromatherapy picker-upper for your bathroom. Candles, herbal sachets, and soaps add luxurious scent. Consider calming lavender or lemon verbena. Or stimulate your senses with rosemary or patchouli.


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